Resin Earrings

epoxy with words, gears, and gold paper on steel cable...
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Nature ring

sterling and epoxy encapsulated gears, gold paper, lab ruby, citrine...
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Magnet Necklace

ball bearings move over torn words trapped behind washer on...
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Alicia has been creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces since she was first inspired by a small gear discovered on a street in Moscow nearly 20 years ago. A tiny treasure imprinted with reversed numbers along its perimeter was soon to be determined an adding machine wheel. This miniature relic was the beginning of a line of jewelry combining mechanical parts, elements of nature such as insect wings, and aged bits of text into modern looking objects “with a past.”

Since then, she has continued to use unusual materials in her work including cut-up credit cards, drum laminates of glass glitter, magnets, rusty metal, Russian candy wrappers, vintage film and illustrations from ads found in her dad’s attic.

She has a B.F.A. from the Corcoran School of Art, graduate studies at the University of Texas, in Austin, and an abundance of experience from participating in workshops and shows internationally.

Prices range from $5 - $500