Starry Night

Nestled Engagement and Wedding Band 18k gold, Vitreous Enamel, Diamonds
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Diamond, Platinum, and 18k Yellow Gold Ring "Ashley"
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Wedding Bell Blues

18k, Transparent Enamel, Rubies & Diamonds
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Engagement and Wedding Bands

18k, Enamel & Precious Stones
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I was introduced to the jewelry business as a child while 'helping' my grandmother and mother in their jewelry business in Rhode Island. Although I didn't quite appreciate it then, the lessons learned while spending time around the shop turned out to be the foundation for my passion for fabricating jewelry in metal, enamels and glass. The fascination that I had with all the colors they used back in the 1960's is quite evident in my work today.

Enameling has become the perfect medium for me to combine my love of color, glass, and metal. The play of color in transparent and opaque enamels leads to endless possibilities and quite often, some welcomed surprises. The different qualities of the metals used for enameling always provides for new surfaces and finishes that can be manipulated to deliver unique pieces and results. Years of practice, experimentation and trial and error, otherwise known as learning the craft, have enabled me to use this traditional medium in a contemporary application to produce individual pieces that are personalized and representative of each owner's preferences and interests.

From my work with enameling, I have added working with hot glass. Most of the glass work I create is incorporated into jewelry pieces but it is certainly not limited to wearables.

I am extremely fortunate to be able to pursue my passion of creating works of art that will be enjoyed by their owners and friends.