Moving Parts

Kelly M. O’Brien, Moving Parts. Boxed set of artist books....
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Archetypes: Journey to Self

Kelly M. O’Brien, Archetypes: Journey to Self. Boxed set of...
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Object (Im)permanence, No. 3

Kelly M. O’Brien, Object (Im)permanence No. 3 (front). Machine sewing...
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Object (Im)permanence, No. 2

Kelly M. O’Brien, Object (Im)permanence No. 2 (front). Machine sewing...
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Paper, thread, digital print on organza, typewriter correction film. 9...
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Kelly O’Brien lived in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for 38 years before moving to Europe in 2011. At that time, she also made the transition to work full time on her art.

"The past few years have been all about stepping out of my comfort zone, with two international moves and a simultaneous career change. The landscapes I've navigated these past few years – geographic and internal – continue to challenge my assumptions about where I should live and who I can be."

Geography and surroundings play important roles in O’Brien’s work. She uses found text, personal snapshots, memory, and snippets from conversations – real or imagined – to explore ideas related to place, identity, transformation, and authenticity. O'Brien uses series of work to explore a specific theme, sometimes circling back to an earlier series to add relevant pieces as they arise in her practice.

In addition to being a Torpedo Factory Associate Artist, Kelly is part of the Frankfurt, Germany artist group CKCK. She currently lives and works near Bath, England with her husband, Ian.

ARTLINK International Art Consultants, London, UK
DAC Art Consulting, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Galerie Uhn, Königstein-im-Taunus, Germany
Grand Image Fine Art Publisher, Seattle, Washington, USA
Soho Myriad Fine Art Consultants, Atlanta, Georgia, USA