I am a fine art photographer associated with Multiple Exposures Gallery (#312). A native of New York State, I have resided in Northern Virginia since 1974. I studied photography at Northern Virginia Community College, the Maine Photographic Workshops, the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, the Smithsonian Institution, and privately with several well respected photography educators in this area.

Currently, all my images are made digitally. In addition to my color images I also work in black and white with cameras converted to take digital infrared photographs.

I am fascinated by backlighting, color, shapes, and patterns. Many of my photographs have multiple levels and layers within them. Some are visual puzzles. While I photograph many landscapes, in some the landscape often acts simply as background. I like to get in close and include smaller details, often including bits of architecture and other man-made elements.

I print all my own photographs using archival papers and pigmented inks. My prices vary according to the size of the image.