mixed media (copper) 22"x22"
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Honoring the Anima Sola

mixed media (copper) 23"x19"x2"
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The Maze of Isis

Printmaking 20"x15"
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The Love Bus

Photograph 16"x16"
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I work in several art forms including printmaking, photography, collage, and mixed media. All of the processes I use require extensive hands-on involvement from conception to completion. I believe this increases the unique and personal quality of each piece.

Photography: I have always explored alternative and nontraditional photographic processes. The photograph shown here is from a continuing series that began over 15 years ago. It is a whimsical look at vanishing Americana. Each original scene in the series is enlarged as a black and white negative which I then hand color. The photograph I print from this negative is produced by darkroom, rather than digital, techniques. The colors are vivid and surreal, like fond memories.

Printmaking: All of my prints are original and hand pulled in small editions. I use traditional and photographic intaglio processes as well as collagraph, relief, and monoprinting techniques.

Mixed media: Copper, enamel, solder, plastic, wood, resin, and found objects make up a partial list of materials I have used, sometimes in combination with photographic and collage elements.

Subject matter varies but often incorporates symbolic or mythical imagery, encouraging the viewer to make interpretations on a personal level.

My home studio is in West Virginia where I can be reached by email or phone (see above).

Price range: $150 to $1200