I am a fine art photographer living and working in the Washington, DC area and currently a member of Multiple Exposures Gallery at the Torpedo Factory.

I have come back to photography after a long absence. I tried my hand at it during undergraduate school in the ‘70s and also had the privilege of taking a course in the History of Photography from Beaumont Newhall at the University of New Mexico in 1972.
Recently, I have come back to the camera when the urge to create became stronger in mid-life and digital methods made photography more accessible to me than it had been in the days of paper and negatives.

While not my only subject, I find myself continually drawn to the human figure. Not only do bodies provide the richest and most challenging territory to explore light and form, they are also inhabited. For me, photographing the figure becomes a collaboration between model and photographer. I rarely pre-visualize a photograph – preferring instead to let the interaction develop, and then respond to what emerges.