PLEASE BE ADVISED BRENDA IS ON A SABBATICAL UNTIL OCTOBER 1, 2017. Nooree Suh is a wonderful fabric artist taking care of her studio until she returns. Please stop by and see Nooree's lovely work.

Brenda has created beautiful Raku boxes and tile wall pieces since 2002. Her work is the creative result of many years of comprehensive study in ceramic art. She is also a trained oil painter! She has retired from Raku and now concentrates on her landscape oil paintings. Her paintings range from traditional to impressionism, expressionism: water, land, trees, sky. Anytime she can be outside at a park she is! Come watch anytime -- just drop a note -- and she'll be happy to tell you where she'll be painting next!

All of her work is priced reasonably. Her Raku tiles and boxes she is selling off what remains so 1st come 1st serve. The large tiles that hang - start in price from $2200 and up. Raku boxes from $200-$800. Paintings range from "baby" paintings (5 x 7) average at $95 unframed to $125 framed -- to standard 12 x 12 or 8 x 16 (same size) at $675 with shipping included if snail mail!

People have a great time purchasing the "baby" paintings and finding their own frames at flea markets and antique stores. Brenda has a great time painting them for she practices different color palettes and themes. A win win! Luck and light to you and please stop in for a visit. Hours vary each week for this is a single person working studio -- required hours are 28 hours per week (or 3 1/2 days) -- however hours will be posted on the door each week as to when Brenda will be there.