I’ve been a member of the 43 year old Torpedo Factory Artist Association for seventeen years. I remember when I was accepted I felt so incredibly proud and fortunate, indeed validated to be juried in. However, December 24, 2016 will mark the end of my time in Studio Five and I will become an associate TFAA member. Studio Five has been like home to me for a long time and while I will miss my artist comrades, I have faith that when one door closes others will open.

I have been so very fortunate to have met some great visitors and have been lucky enough to have a loyal “returning customer” aka art supporters and friends base. I won’t be able to get to everyone to say THANK YOU personally. I have no idea who will read this page but if you’ve ever purchased my work or if we’ve gotten to know each other over the years I super appreciate all your support. It means everything to an artist to make that connection and I have met some really great people.

I will still be making work so sign up for my very infrequent newsletter to find out about shows or other events on my website and opt in. I look forward to a new phase and I hope to hear from you. Be very well friends!

With Gratitude,