East Lynn Farm

I painted this acrylic on canvas in early summer on...
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Wildflowers, Innisfree Farm

Watercolor painting done “en plein air” in Loudoun County, Virginia...
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Capitol Columns

These columns were once part of the Capitol.  When they...
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Bluebells and Tulips

I painted this watercolor “en plein air” on a gorgeous...
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Gerogetown Winter

This is an original drypoint hand painted with watercolor, 4″...
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My paintings are all about color and light. Having spent 50 years painting en plein air I feel the essence of light in my very soul. My goal with my painting is to give the viewer a very visceral experience, the same experience I had when I was standing there painting. In my landscapes I want to express the feeling of the day, the warmth or cold, the wind or still air, sun or shadows. In my large scale monuments I want to express the emotional quality of a temple, religious monument or pride in the American flag flying stiffly in a high wind over our great national buildings. The size that I choose for each painting is of utmost importance. Capturing all the details of a monument such as a Hindu temple requires a large format and lends a sense of importance to the subject. When I’m transported back to the setting by my painting I know I’ve achieved my potential. My great hope is that others will feel what I felt while I was painting. I get such joy when someone walks into my studio looks at my paintings and exclaims “Oh, the light!”

I often simply sit and stare at a potential subject, waiting for it to speak to me. The subject then dictates the style and size of the painting. I paint with watercolor because the glow that results from light being transmitted through the paint to the white paper and back I find to be the best way to achieve the glow that I desire. I use only the most permanent and finest grade of watercolor paints. I want my paintings to last for centuries.

I love to travel and through my paintings I’ve connected with people all around the world. Art is the universal language that binds us together.