My prints illustrate subject matter ranging from portraits and the human figure in a variety of settings, to landscapes and townscapes. I work mostly with linocut relief prints, some etchings, and pen and ink drawings, attracted to the chiaroscuro, light-dark, effect that print graphics, especially linocut prints, can produce with a carefully controlled use of color. I believe that in one sense relief prints are like typeface, where the form, more than color or shading, becomes the essential visual tool for communication. I seek to make my prints distillations, verging on abstractions, where extraneous elements are withheld or down played so that a more immediate connection can be made with the viewer. It is this minimalist aspect of relief printing that I find engaging, it imposes a constraint that is challenging but also empowering.

I studied art at the Central Saint Martin’s School of Art (now University of the Arts London) as part of my architectural training, and returned there for classes during a recent posting to London. I have also taken many figure drawing and portrait classes at the Art League School and classes on print making at the Discover Graphics Atelier. I have been a member of Printmakers Inc. since 2014 and my work can be viewed in their gallery in Studio 325 at the Torpedo Factory.