Essence of Man

Chine Colle/Monotype 11”X14”
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Acrylic/Mixed Media 22’X28”
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Acyrlic/mixed media 30”x40”
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As a mixed media artist, I use a variety of materials in all my work—paper, lichen, tape, materials, old photographs, rusted metal—whatever seems to suit the piece I am working on. Both a painter and a printmaker, I use both mediums to achieve the overall textural effect that appears in all my work. This use of textural produces a layered finished piece that demands that the viewer feel something; interact with painting, print, etc. to get beneath the surface to the “history” and, ultimately to the feelings it evokes for him/her. While some of my pieces carry a political message, all are internal sharing of personal feelings, state-of-mind, current outlook meant to lead one to their own internal state of being, subconscious and perhaps, darker side. I do not start out with a fixed idea of what I wish to create. Rather, I engage in a “dance” with the canvas, paper, or other substrate, relying on it to tell me what it needs. In other words, my work evolves from my psyche, not my logical mind. If it touches the viewer in any way, I have achieved my goal. If it takes on personal meaning for the viewer, I am ecstatic.

The size of my paintings range from about 5x5 to 30x40 and are priced, in the main, between $200 and $2000.