Zig-zag earrings

Rubber, wire, anodized aluminum 2 1/2 “x 1″ x 3/8”
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Pendant – ‘Purple Ribbon’

Anodized aluminum, cubic zirconium 2"x7/8"x1/4"
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Pendant – ‘Squiggles #5

Rubber, wire, anodized aluminum 2"x1"x5/8"
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Pendant – Emergence Series – From the Crevice

Fine silver, sterling, 22K gold 2″x1″x1/4″
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Five Rings

Artwork 3 – Medium: Misc. gold, stones,pearls
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Earrings – ‘Framed-or-not’

Sterling, 24K gold 1 7/8"x7/8"x1/4"
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Barbro Eriksdotter creates contemporary art jewelry and small objects. Her native Sweden informs her aesthetics; clean, minimalist lines and forms dominate. However, textures are often used as a dynamic contrast. She uses precious metals as well as unconventional materials - listening to her 'muse', not to convention. "Creating art is a joyous exploration of that which was not there before."

Barbro is a partner, since 1983, of Studio Metallum (#201) known for its innovative, contemporary designs. A faculty member of the Art League School for many years, she now focuses entirely on creating her own one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry. She is a founding member and past president of Washington Guild of Goldsmiths.

Her award-winning work has been featured in numerous local, national and international exhibitions.