Mark E. Elfman is a former U.S. Marine who finally decided to pursue his lifelong passion – art. His wood sculptures have been shown in galleries and museums across the United States, reside in private collections, and have won awards in juried art competitions. His unconventional and sometimes humorous style of sculpture endeavor to catch the viewer off-guard, and perhaps leave them wondering “Is that really all wood?” They are, in fact, made completely of wood.

Elfman is easily inspired by the most usual and boring objects and scenes we see in everyday life. On the other hand, he enjoys giving viewers a new and refreshing way of seeing these things. If the viewer can get pleasantly lost in the details of one of his creations, even for a moment, he feels he’s done his job. His wood sculptures depict everyday objects in essentially two different ways. One way is that the objects are placed in a somewhat unnerving manner, such as being in a state of imbalance or on the brink of collapsing. For Elfman, this creates a sort of “movement waiting to be unleashed.” The second way is completely opposite from the first, in that the objects are simply there; nothing unusual, except that they’re made completely of wood. His “souvenir” series of works is an example of the second way.