Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. Retired US Army. From 1984 to 2013 lived in Germany. In February 2013, returned to the USA, Woodbridge, VA.

Techniques: Oil and Airbrush – Oil technique: He mostly painted with a palette knife, rendered a heavy coat of oil on canvas. Airbrush technique: This technique is a mixed technique of the airbrush and the brush. Since 1989, he has self-taught in airbrush technique and has been painted intensively with the airbrush.

Motive: Scenery somewhere in the Caribbean, landscape, seascape and photo realism. His paintings show a colorful scene of the Caribbean’s people in their daily activities. They show an extreme overstretched of the limbs and at the same time maintain a proportional balance of these limbs. The way of living of these people fascinate him that he developed this unique style. He transfers this nostalgia into a canvas full of intensive colors, movements and happiness.

Exhibition: Throughout Germany, US and France