Real Aliens Wear Pink

I met her in a dream. I was lost at...
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A royal walk from Jerusalem

I met her in a waking meditation. She first came...
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Sleeping to Breathe

She came to visit me in my city apartment preceded...
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Between Heart Beats

Nature’s rhythms have a dualistic existence: Yin/Feminine/Receptive and Yang/Masculine/Application. In...
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I create to celebrate my experiences with my life’s unusual choices and dreamt guides I call Space Angel Consultants. I have existed in a state of pronoia since I was a child and as years added to my experience, my interaction with the universe became more like a conversation. I celebrate these communications of color, words, images, surges of emotion and at times physical experiences with my art (mostly because only artists can be this weird and get away with it.) Art essentially became a limb of yoga for me, a healing practice communicating my heart’s truth. My life has become lighter and more fulfilling knowing that we are not alone, even if it’s just my imagination comforting me. I hope my artwork will do the same for others.

I transcribe messages received through experiences of meditation and dreaming and combine this intuition with acumen of the Vedas. I have practiced less populist yoga limbs for over 20 years while practicing the science of leadership as a corporate warrior, a combination keeping my practice’s application grounded in mainstream interaction. My artwork is not only about messages perceived from a universe not indifferent to my existence, but it is also about the inward practice blossoming open the mind and heart to work in tandem with a force bigger than myself, a force not fully understood by current science but talked about openly by many scholars. This was a practice tweaked by the universe to defy mainstream understanding of yoga, meditation, science and self-development some moonbeams call ascension.

These messages/experiences are currently represented in several series of artwork, each offering a narrative of my journey’s pronoia using acrylics (paintings), pens, markers, and graphite (drawings). Dreaming Memories of Love is a collection of dreams awakening me to truths: I have past lives leaving scars on my heart felt in this life; recurring dreams are reflections of these past life scars; and, we have guides behind a veil of ether co-creating a life that brings healing and light to these scars. The cartoon-like imagery of these paintings is superficial memory, an interpretation-free portrayal of my recollections. Space Fashion is a collection of dreams and meditations of wisdom presented by the entities guiding my heart’s path to acquiring more light. These paintings present meaning through color as the imagery in this series incorporates the color- coding of the chakras. The graphite series Cosmic Cowgirl Adventures depicts the fragmentation of our chakra systems and the heart’s feminine journey through dark space. She Knows is the most current acrylic series representing wisdom acquired through stillness, a state of the feminine yin. Neutral color surrounding a mind expressing a “knowing” found in the mind’s eye. Like all knowledge found in this space, the journey to acquire this wisdom may have started many lifetimes ago but begins to solidify in today’s environment. She knows is my personal journey of the transcendence of female leadership.