Betsy Anderson gains inspiration from frequent travels, finding colors and patterns that awake the memory of a special place or the emotion of a special scene. Her paintings ebb and flow with color and motion to reveal a sense of place. A commitment to landscape is at the heart of Anderson’s art and color is its strength. Clean swept vistas or abstract fields of color in her paintings invoke images from the viewers’ experience. The color is compelling, allowing the spirit of the work to be tranquil or emotional and defined with volume, form, space and light. The result is art work with a fresh, self assured quality.

The versatility and unpredictability of the monotype make it an ideal medium for Anderson’s bold and vibrant palate. The intense colors push and pull against each other, creating motion where none exists and emotion which none must miss. The multi-layering process produces a depth and tone to the subtle hues and shapes that may be architectural or geological.

The artist studied for three years at Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane University and received a BFA degree from Wright State University. She is represented in private, corporate and government collections in this country, Europe and South America. She also is represented in galleries around the country. Anderson maintains a studio at the Torpedo Factory Art Center and in coastal North Carolina.
Anderson’s prices range:

Monotypes…. $150 to $700
Oil on paper... $1,000
Oil on canvas. $300 to $3,500