Current Installations for
“2018 Fall Seasonal Art Installations”
October 5 – November 25


The Torpedo Factory Art Center is happy to present the work of regional artists who were selected for “2018 Fall Seasonal Art Installations” exhibition from October 5 through November 25. The Art Center seeks to activate public space for visitors with immersive public art. We rotate exhibitions throughout the year to keep the artwork fresh and constantly evolving.

The juror for the 2018 Fall season was Elsabé Dixon, an artist and curator based out of Alexandria, VA.

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Grand Hall South

Cathy Abramson, “Kennedy and Colorado”, The Doors of Make Room, 2018.

The Doors of Make Room
Thirteen fiberglass door sculptures, 2018

Make Room Inc., Silver Spring MD

On view through November 14, 2018

“Imagine working, sometimes more than one job, and you still can’t afford to pay rent every month. This is the reality for 25 million Americans impacted by the housing-affordability crisis. Food, medical care and prescriptions often take a backseat to rent. This is a nightmarish reality in a country where dreams are supposed to come true…”
– Alazne (Ali) Solis, President & CEO of Make Room Inc.

Presented by Make Room Inc., the leading organization working to address the rental housing crisis in America. Their mission is to expose the human suffering and societal costs of the rental housing crisis and to advocate for solutions to end housing insecurity for 11 million households nationwide.

“The Doors of Make Room” is aimed at leading a thought-provoking conversation about the affordable housing crisis with the 13 doors representing 11 million households living one paycheck away from losing their home. In August, the artists were given 72 hours to execute their design, in person, at a professional work studio in Rockville and a warehouse in Baltimore, MD. The fiberglass door was the canvas upon which each artist painted their design to share their stories and personal connections to the housing affordability crisis in this nation.

Grand Hall Center

Interactive video projection, 2018

Andreas Schenkel, Alexandria VA
Steve Wanna, Mount Rainier MD

Andreas Schenkel and Steve Wanna, Parallels, simulation of the projected swarms, 2018.

Crowd movement and behavior are governed by many rules, including crowd psychology, ecosystems theory, and swarm theory. Drawing on these rules, Parallels captures the movement of people passing through an illuminated field of vision (the main entrance space in this case), and uses the data to drive a computer program that projects animated swarms of particles on the same spot. The look and behavior of these swarms, which will be largely dictated by the movement of individuals in the space, are designed to simultaneously abstract and echo that movement.


Some unpredictability is built into the system to provide a slight sense of autonomy. The swarms appear to follow individuals or be repelled by them, sometimes closely, and other times less so, thereby creating a virtual ecosystem whose behavior reflects that of the real one.

Andreas Schenkel and Steve Wanna are local artists who work mainly with digital media, often incorporating interactive elements into their work. Schenkel utilizes minimalistic computer simulation and video projection as a way to “bring the ecosystems to life.” He received a diploma in Digital Film and Animation from SAE Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2008.

Much of Steve Wanna’s work is based on “principles of emergence and auspicious coincidence as defined in systems theory, swarm intelligence, and Buddhism: under the right conditions, great beatify can emerge without the need for much intervention.” Wanna received a BM and MM in Music Composition at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, in 1998 and 2000, respectively. He received DMA in Music Composition from University of Maryland, College Park, MD in 2004. 

Third Floor Smokestack

Burning Man
Photography, years vary

Henry Egghart, Alexandria VA

Henry Egghart’s photography captures candid, spontaneous moments of the Burning Man festival and other events where eccentrics and creatives gather and celebrate art, community, and life. His photographs of art cars, costumed people, fire dancers, and large-scale installations evoke the feelings of limitless wonder and excitement of the coming festivities of Fall.

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Henry Egghart, who is largely self-taught, has been making photographs since his father gave him a German-made folding Kodak Retina camera at age 11. Egghart has exhibited at the Nevada State Library and the Nevada Artist’s Association Gallery in Carson City, Nevada, the REI store and the Artown festival in Reno, Nevada, and other venues.

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