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The Custom Wedding Dress

My interest in the history of dress and fashion inspired me to make porcelain vases in the shape of dresses and it wasn’t long before people began asking me if I could copy their wedding dresses.  I am now occupied year-round creating custom wedding-dress vases.

Dresses are ordered by mothers and mothers-in-law, husbands, best friends, bridesmaids, godmothers and aunts.  For brides, they are a reminder of their special day, long after their real dress has been packed away.

Clients send photographs of the original dress as jpegs attached to an email.  Wedding-dress vases take from four to six weeks from when I start work to their completion.  They make a perfect gift for a bridal shower, wedding day, or anniversary.

The dresses are nine inches tall, glazed inside and out with a clear glaze, and cost $200 plus $35 for packing and shipping.  I can be contacted by email at or by phone at (203) 263-8596.

Kelly, Porcelain, 9 inches tall

Brianna, Porcelain, 9 inches tall

Alicia, Porcelain, 9 inches tall