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I design and execute tapestries made of fine quality wool and novelty yarns and fibers. All of my designs are original —beginning with the design proposal, working through the execution and finished stages — each piece is completed totally by me. I am known for my free-form, large scale soft- edged fiber pieces. Each woven piece is backed with canvas and quilted with clear filament to the weaving for durability, stability and ease in displaying. Care and hanging instructions are included. My fiber pieces are priced by the square footage, with complexity of design as well as selected materials a consideration.

Commissioned/Custom Design

Clients usually provide me with photographs and dimensions or scaled drawings of their space. Colors are discussed and if possible fabric swatches and paint samples can be provided by the client. Initially I discuss or provide primitive sketch ideas I believe appropriate for the space. If the client and I believe we can work collaboratively to create a desirable fiber piece, I provide a colored, graphed drawing with color yarn/fiber samplings along with the pricing. When necessary, I provide a pattern (the cartoon) for placement in the space to better assist in the visualization of the art work on site. Once the design is selected, time elements are discussed. A contract is provided, requiring 1/3 deposit to begin the work. The remaining 2/3 is paid at completion. Shipping, insurance and any tax due are extra. Detailed instructions and aides are provided to make hanging the fiber piece painless. Local clients are encouraged to view the art work in its process.Thank you for your interest in my work. It is a labor intensive process and I receive great satisfaction in knowing my work is appreciated and admired. I work very hard to create a beautiful work of art that pleases not only the space but the client as well.A list of some of my installations is available as well as promotion materials upon request.

Canyons 7′ x 4′

After the Storm
After the Storm 50″x98″ Free form tapestry


Natural Formations
Natural Formations 4’x8′
Free form tapestry